So here I am, back again, two years later. This is why I can never be trusted to finish anything I’ve started. Even when I gave birth I failed so they had to extract her. I have been coming up with ideas about what to write, how to write, content … etc. I think I’m going to keep this blog anonymous though. I shall refer to the child as The Daughter, and the spouse as The Husband. This will be my little corner of the internet.

I never kept a diary as a child, because I was always terrified of people finding out what was in my head. Family was not to be trusted. Also, I *know* I’m not supposed to type two spaces after a period, but this was drilled into my head 20+ years ago, and it’s a hard habit to break. If I do it, try to forgive me.

Anyway. Writing on a blog seems diary-like to me. I don’t think anyone will come across it so I feel safer.  Plus I can really hash shit out if I need to, without repercussions.

To catch up on the last two years of my life: I am two years older, as is The Daughter and The Husband.  In that time, I have also changed jobs twice. The first time, I left a place I loved that was slowly failing and going down the shitter, so I jumped ship. Unfortunately, I jumped ship to a soul-sucking, stress filled hell hole. It was 11 months of torture that finally ended when they laid me off. [small blessings]

In those 11 months, I gained 20 fucking pounds. I ate my feelings, or didn’t eat at all. I hardly ever had sex with The Husband and was frankly miserable. When they laid me off I was alternately relieved and furious. HOW DARE THEY BREAK UP WITH ME BEFORE I BROKE UP WITH THEM?! ALSO…. YAY I’M FREEEEEE!!!

Anyway, I have recently found a new job, which I love, which ALSO pays more ($7k increase), and is low stress.  HALLELUJAH!

Last year, during a hurricane, we had a tree fall on our *new to us* house, which had a *brand new to it* roof. It took two months for them to figure out if they had to replace the entire damn thing, or just half of it. The tree fell on the garage and through the ceiling when I was in the garage trying to plug my phone in to charge in the car, the power had been out and I was paranoid about running out of battery. Needless to say I almost pissed myself. All is well now though.

I also, as of last Friday, decided I was going to lose the fucking weight. I don’t hate my body. In fact, I like my body more now than I did before I had The Daughter. However, my clothes don’t fit. I like my clothes. I want to be able to continue to wear them. That’s all.  So, I joined a gym and have walked 8 and a half miles in the past four days, alternating my walking and rest days. I also got fitted for real shoes! Not for running. You couldn’t pay me to do that – but walking and general exercise sneakers. I love them.

The Daughter. I don’t even know where to start with this child. She is three and a half, and amazing. She is hilarious, and wants to wear a “pretty dress” every.single.day … but will either wear batman sunglasses that look like batman’s mask, or a cape. Sometimes I feel like I am winning at this parenting thing, and other days I feel like a massive failure. Thinking of taking her to see Wonder Woman this weekend. We shall see.

Okay, that’s all for now.  I will continue to try to come up with ideas and actually try to write every day. Even though I’m not a writer, that is what you are supposed to do to be one, right? Write every day.




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