Is it Friday?

I keep thinking it’s Thursday, but I know I’m wrong.

We are leaving tomorrow to go out of town, my in-laws rented a house at the beach for a week for the entire family. Unfortunately, I have to work. Fortunately, I work from home, so I will be taking my work with me. Hopefully I can sit out by the pool and relax while I work with a fruity drink. [crosses fingers]

Am I prepared to leave tomorrow? NOPE. Laundry isn’t done, house isn’t in order, haven’t packed a freaking thing. I’m smart though, I am ordering pizza for dinner, and asked The Husband to pick up The Daughter, so that will buy me some time. I have plans to go to the gym at 8 pm with my girlfriends, and then have scheduled sex with The Husband. Sex is included in my “get your shit together before you leave plan” because who knows what the sleeping arrangements are going to be this week.

Oh, and tomorrow?  We have to be at the house by 4, but I am taking The Daughter to dance at 10 am, and then we are going to see Wonder Woman.  I am nothing if not efficient and well organizized. Ha.

I just want to climb under the covers and not come out.

Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain my “write every day” plan while I’m on work-cation. We’ll see. If anything my calendar will remind me.

I should probably go start the laundry and pull out the suitcases, but I will pass my bed on the way to the master closet and I’m worried I might just collapse on it.




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