Back at it.

Welp. Sorry about last week. I left for work-cation with my extended family on my husband’s side last Saturday, and only returned this past Saturday. While everyone else was having a lovely, relaxing time [read: real vacation], I spent three hours at the beach last Sunday, and the rest of the time I was locked in a guest room attached to my laptop. Fun fun. There were several times where I wondered why the hell I even came.

The Daughter and I had to share a bed, because while my in-laws paid a stupidly insane three grand for the house for the week, it was only a three bedroom with a pool that was about the size of two hot tubs combined. They got taken advantage of so bad. The Husband had to spend the entire week on the sofa in the living room – the bed in our room was a full, not a queen. It wasn’t ideal. Still, they all had a good time, and so did The Daughter. She is now fully obsessed with the beach, and has no fear about jumping in the pool. She learned a hard lesson when she walked right into the pool in front of me and my BIL and promptly sunk, we both jumped in after her fully clothed. The stupid pool didn’t have a gate around it and so we were all on high alert all week.

The high alert also came in handy when my non-verbal nephew who is almost three decided to sneak out the front door. I was alone in the kitchen and noticed the door was cracked, and didn’t see him, and I ran out to find him in the middle of the pool with panic in his eyes. I jumped in again fully clothed. I don’t even want to think what might have happened if I hadn’t noticed the door open and him no where in sight. My FIL tried to grab him from me and I was shaking and so terrified that I refused to let him go. This experience shaved several years off my life.

I know life eventually kills you, but I am convinced that children help usher it along.

Case in point:

Friday night, The Daughter decided to eat half a bottle of flintstones vitamins that I stupidly left in the room with her. NEVER EVER TRUST A CHILD SAFETY CAP. Ever. After lots of panic from me and The Husband, and lots of barfing from her along with a terrifying call to poison control, they announced she was fine, but it was so scary. I feel so incredibly stupid for leaving the vitamins in the room. I know that most parents have to call poison control at least once, but that was it for me. I really hope we don’t have another scare like that again.

Needless to say, I am happy to be home. More tomorrow.





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